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Royal Tantra Massage – where you can find the best authentic outcall tantric massage service in Singapore. We provide the finest massage therapy and erotic massage services with several years of experience in massage healing and relaxing therapy.

Experience a new dimension of sexual ecstasy with Royal Tantra. If you were ever, at one point in your life, searching for the pinnacle of sexual pleasure, you have just found it. Bask in the light of our professional and highly skilled Tantric Goddesses as they caress your senses into a nexus of pleasure we call cloud nine.

Our relaxing and stimulating massages utilize the sexual teachings of Tantra to spiral your soul into a parallel universe of pleasure and pure sensual frenzy. After emerging from your cocoon of pleasure, you will feel reinvigorated, revitalized, alive and most important of all, divine. The mind-soothing atmosphere, the tranquillity of your subconscious and the velvety touch of our Goddesses will make you feel alive. At Royal Tantra, we do not give pleasure, we redefine it.

A simple call from your hotel suite or residence is all that is needed. Within one hour, one of our beautiful and charming Tantric Goddess will be sending you into the most lustful, captivated and sublime state of mind you have ever been in; so amazing that you will never want anything else ever again.

If you really do want to experience the best that Tantra has to offer, one phone call is all that is required. Why should you settle for second best when we are only a call away? Let us help you rise above your mortal bonds and submerge you into a world like no other.

We guarantee you will get the best tantric massage service – Just Try it, Feel it and See it.

Why Choose Royal Tantra Massage Agency?

Possibly the most fundamentally instinctive question that our potential clients ask is why us.

Our Goddess

We can confidently say that we have heaven’s most experienced and beautiful beings working for us that are well Qualified in the tantric arts. Not only can our Goddesses heal you from the soul outwards, they can send your mind spiralling into harmonic and rhythmic ecstasy; a new dimension of pleasure.

Our Service

Our services are practically unmatched. What is better than the most sensual beings you have ever seen giving you the best tantric massage you will ever receive in this life or the next? Nothing can ever come close to our unmatched services. In addition, we have services that cater to every kind of pocket.

Paradise does come at a price and what may sound like the most expensive service available, it is actually one of the, if not the most, affordable services available. In addition, we cover the entire island of Singapore.


Hotel Massage in Singapore

Relax in your hotel room while we come to you! We understand the stress you feel post working for long hours in the office or just after a complicated business meeting. This is where our expert female masseuse can help you get relief from the stress by giving a relaxing tantric massage in your hotel room.


Royal Tantric Massage

A Tantric massage makes you feels as if you are in another world where the limits of time and space do not exist. Your Goddess will slowly caress every fibre in your very being, sending pulse after blissful pulse of pure pleasure and relaxation through your body. She will numb your mind to all the pain and hardships of the world. She will make you surrender your very being to her, allowing her to remodel and remake you into a perfect being.


Relaxing Sensual Massage

Sensual massages are aimed at parting an experience unlike any other. The Goddess who will give the massage will have your mind eased, your body relaxed and your soul awakened from its mortal slumber – making you whole again. A sensual message concentrates a great deal on sending the mind into overdrive using the friction created from the enticing touches to your body. Your senses become heighten and are then spiraled into a nexus of pleasure and relaxation.


Want to Experience an Erotic Luxury Massage for Yourself?

Royal Tantra Massage provides erotic therapies for your total relaxation. We pride ourselves on providing the most erotic luxurious massage in Singapore by the finest young masseuses. If you are looking for an erotic nude massage in Singapore, reserve online now or contact us at +65 9272-1726.


Outcall Only

We are open now and our professional therapists are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week! Whenever you are in need of outcall massage services, allow us to be your first port of call. (Hotels, Condos & Private Apartments)

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