Lingam Massage – The Ultimate Male Surrender


Speaking in tantric terms, the Lingam is the sacred organ of the male body. In many cultures, the penis is viewed as only a reproductive organ. However, that is not always the case. As many religions and cultures will teach, the penis is much more than just a reproductive organ. In Sanskrit, the word for penis is Lingam; loosely translated to the “Wand of Light”.

A Lingam massage helps channel the flow of energy and pleasure through the Lingam. Many problems such as tension, depression, pain and premature ejaculation are alleviated. It also helps to improve sensuality, sexual pleasure, sleep, ejaculatory control, sexual energy and blood circulation. A Lingam massage, if done and experience properly, will enable a man to surrender himself to ultimate divine pleasure.


We cannot stress enough how important breathing is in any tantric massage. Breathing helps to promote relaxation and helps the receiver of a massage connect with his bodily emotions on a deep and sensual level.

Deep rhythmic breaths will send your mind spiraling into your soul allowing you to feel your chakra and every single sensational touch made to your body elevating the pleasure to unfathomable levels.

The Lingam Massage

The lingam massage will start with the receiver on his back, head up and hips elevated. The hips and head will be elevated by means of a pillow. The legs should be apart allowing the Lingam to be clearly visible.

Before the Lingam can be massaged, it is important to further relax the receiver. The physical massage commences with the neck and the giver will slowly move down exciting every inch of the body including the neck, chest, nipples, stomach, legs thighs and eventually, the Lingam. It is very important to constantly remind the receiver to breathe deeply and as one with the giver.

Next, The shaft is gently massaged with alternating hands, pressure and speeds. The stroking starts at the base of the shaft where a releasing motion is made up the shaft. The same is done when coming down. The area around the Lingam (pubic bone) is simultaneously and randomly massaged.

The “sacred spot” is the last spot to be massaged. It is a small indentation between the testicles and the anus. A small push is given to relax and please the area. A Lingam massage is the ultimate surrender as men are able to feel more pleasure in one session than in their entire lives.

A Quality Lingam massage session in Singapore at Royal Massage!

It’s been years Royal Massage Singapore is serving countless clients with extra ordinary Lingam massage in Singapore. Put your body in safe hands and our sensational massage will allow you to discover the real excite.  Tune your body with the lingam massage and feel a stream of energy. The principle is to unblock energy channels, to improve the coordination among body parts and reinforce the immune system!

Those who selected the unforgettable lingam massage will surely re-energize and revitalize the body energy and the session will remain as golden memory. At Royal Massage, the team focuses to release physical tension to balance the mind-body-spirit connection, while triggering peace and relaxation.

We promise you will enjoy a quality session. Just surrender your body to us and we will handle it with care and affection! The massage is centered on and around a man’s sacred organ and assist to improve the sexual energy, the sexual control, coordination of body and circulation of blood.

Before we start out, our masseur will guide & instruct you through the techniques, importance and about its significance. The highly trained staff has a deep knowledge about how to know prolong the massage and make sure it delivers maximum comfort and perfect quality time. So book an appointment or just walk in to taste highest level of leisure.

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