Prostate Massage – The Gateway to Indulgent Ecstasy


In Sanskrit, the prostate gland is known as the “Sacred Spot”. The prostate gland is known as the male G-spot and is believed to be the center of a man’s sexual urges, tensions and built up emotions; after all, the first question that doctors ask prostate patients is related to stress. A prostate massage helps to ease rage, anger, tension, sexual frustration and a wide range of negative emotions.

The Purpose

The purpose of a prostate massage is to help heal the receiver by using his body’s own energy. A tantric prostate massage is aimed at increasing the blood flow, releasing the tension in the muscles surrounding the prostate gland and providing a totally new experience.


As with all tantric massages, breathing is very important as it helps the minds relax and ease any tensions. It also helps the body focus on the pleasurable aspects of the massage rather than worldly aspects. Each movement made within you (after being properly relaxed) will feel as if you are having an orgasm without actually having one.

The Prostate Massage

Unlike other tantric massages, a prostate massage requires a lot of physical contact. Initiate the massage by breathing as your partner breathes and in the same rhythm; breathing as if two being were one. This will help the receiver relax significantly and will get him ready for insertion.

Once the receiver is ready and thoroughly relaxed, a lubricated index finger is inserted into the anus and is very slowly moved up towards the prostate gland. The area around the G-spot is slowly massaged with steadily increasing pressure. Once the receiver is comfortable, the sides of the prostate gland are then massaged. Very slowly and sensually, the male is allowed to enjoy the pleasure of its stimulation. By removing and reinserting alternate hands, the desire for the stimulation is increased exciting the desire to attain pleasure.

A prostate massage can be one of the most pleasurable experiences that a man ever has and may feel more sensational than the indulgent effects of ecstasy.

Specialists available for Prostate massage in Singapore

The prostate gland is also known as the “Sacred Spot”. It is likely to be same like women G-spot and the pivot point concerned with the tensions and stress. Our qualified masseurs have extensive experience and specializes in prostate massage in Singapore while confirming to   relief the body from frustration and tension and filling it with positivity, peace and emotions.

The core terminology is focused to heal the body and to enhance the blood flow that will improve the coordination among parts and you will feel a difference in energy and a new state of wellbeing.

We also assure you have a quality time and try to deliver maximum value to clients.  The experts will guide you through the benefits of prostate massage and the science behind it so you have better understanding about the ongoing process.

The area around the G-spot is gently and slowly massaged that will make you feel good and even more relaxed. We are well aware of pressure to be extorted during the prostate massage and deal with sensitivity and care during the entire process.

So it’s time to feel the peace and leisure of prostate massage and hope you will remember every second of comfort as our ambition is to make you happy and satisfied. Get in touch or visit our royal massage center in Singapore to explore the benefits of prostate and other massage.

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